OUR GENERATING HEAD SUCCESS lies within the design and attention to the detail of it's components. ONLY MASTER TOOL offers you generating heads with field replaceable components.
Helical Splines Segmented Draw Bar Jig ground serrated pads Quick change heads

Eliminates backlash during cut


Synchronizes with comp unit within microns

Provides fluidity of travel in either direction

Round Design enables sealing of the head


Precision ground pocket for precise fit and alignment

Jig ground serrated pads
allow for interchangeability

Enable it to be field 

Provides uniformity of cut 
over greater distances

Ensure EXACT Positioning

Enable offline presetting
reduces downtime

OUR TWO STANDARD DESIGNS are specifically geared to handle multiple part configurations and are easily adaptable to any application                                             

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Double Slide Generating Head

Rotary Helical Spline