EZ-Adjust ™ Inserted Reamers
     MASTER TOOL'S EZ Adjust™ Reamers REDUCE excessive setup times by eliminating multiple gages and fixtures and eliminating simultaneous diameter and back taper adjustment

• One screw for adjusting diameter along with one screw to 

  lock cartridge

• Back taper precision ground into cartridge eliminates 

  having to adjust diameter and back taper simultaneously

• Master Tool's design allows for replacement of cartridge 

  rather than entire tool should pocket damage occur

• Rigid blade holding design increases reamer blade life up 

  to 4 times longer than conventional reamers

Adjusting MASTER TOOL'S EZ Adjust™ 
                                              Reamers is as easy as....

Set dial indicator to .0000" on carbide 
pad and rotate insert to indicator

Loosen cartridge clamping screw

Adjust cartridge to .0002" above pad